Life with Christ

Life with Christ was born a long time ago when there were no ad-free blogging platforms. One day when visiting my blog hosted on one of these sites, there was a skimpy bikini ad on my Christian blog. I then created Life with Christ. That time has past and with changing responsibilities in my life, I have decided to discontinue Life with Christ.

A Word of Thanks

Through the Life with Christ project, I have meet some very wonderful people. It has been a fantastic experience and I want to thank everyone who helped make Life with Christ what it was.

What about your data?

I have created a WordPress migration path. If you have hosted a blog here in the past, you can access the conversion tool. It will allow you to:

  1. Export your blog data, posts and comments
  2. Upload the export to WordPress
  3. Redirect your existing blog to your new WordPress blog

What should I do now?

Conversion is easy:

  1. Visit WordPress and sign up for a new account
  2. Create a new blog
  3. Visit the conversion tool
  4. Login
  5. Choose which blog you wish to export data for
  6. Enter in the “Redirect URL” field the URL for your new WordPress blog
  7. Download the export file
  8. From your WordPress Dashboard, access Tools > Import and click WordPress.
  9. Upload your LwC export file
  10. Enjoy your new blog!

How long do I have to convert my data?

I would do it as soon as you can, but I do not for see the conversion tool going offline anytime soon.